Moderna – part of Tryg Group A/S

Peace-of-mind provider for the modern individual and companies

We are not just another insurance company. Moderna is an innovative challenger on the Swedish insurance market by offering insurance solutions to the modern individual and companies, seeking peace of mind in their everyday lives. By choosing Moderna, you will not only get a dynamic and proactive insurer but also a reliable and solid partner, thanks to our holder, Tryg. This brings peace of mind to our 2.7 million private customers and more than 140,000 companies in the Nordic region.

We do our best to offer something extra in the markets we operate in and we continually challenge established myths in relation to the insurance industry. We are dedicated to provide the most flexible insurance solutions and insure private consumers and their belongings, small companies and large corporations. We operate through our own brand, Moderna, but also through other brands such as Atlantica, Bilsport & MC, Moderna Djurförsäkringar ( pet insurance) and Trygghetsavtalet ( product insurance). Moderna Försäkringar is part of Tryg A/S, the second largest insurer in the Nordic region.

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